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My Dealer Services provides business and compliance support services to financial advice businesses. Many of whom have expressed interest in buying another advice business.

You can list your financial advice business for sale and have it displayed in a private portal for MDS Members who have registered their interest in buying available businesses.

The process is simple, efficient and confidential.

If a potential buyer is interested in your business summary, they will sign a commercial agreement with MDS. In this agreement, your confidentiality is of utmost importance. Only once the agreement is signed are the full details in your business’ Information Memorandum provided to them.

If they like what they see, they contact you and the due diligence and buying process begins.

Please note this is a listing service only. Only after signing the agreement can a potential buyer see your business and contact details. After that it is a private discussion between both of you.

Reasons to use the service

  • We have registered buyers looking now
  • Lower fees compared to traditional routes to market
  • Easy to use documentation
  • Works synergistically with your business broker if you have one
  • Direct contact with potential buyers.
How it works
  1. Complete the confidential registration form below with your contact details and information for the summary listing. (Do not identify your business by name in the Heading or Brief description.)
  2. Agree to the terms and conditions. This verifies you are the owner and/or authorised to list the business for sale.
  3. Submit your registration form.
  4. A verification email is sent to your email address. This is to protect you from fraud and also to confirm that you do want to list your business for sale.
  5. A link then takes you to the Sellers Portal where you complete your Information Memorandum containing detailed business information. You can Save and come back to it later.
  6. When complete, you click to submit your Information Memorandum to MDS who do a quick review before it goes live.
  7. MDS will approve and publish the listing, and you'll receive an email to inform you that your listing is now live. Buyers will sign an agreement before viewing your listing. You can edit or unpublish at any time.
  8. A platform fee of 1.5% of the sale price will be applied on successful completion of an acquisition.

1. Your Contact Details

These details are confidential, for MDS use only.

2. Listing Summary

Enter a summary of your listing (do not identify the business for sale).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets to see the summary listing?
Only registered MDS Members who are interested in buying another business.

(Potential buyers who are not MDS Members should contact Alex Euvrard to discuss membership options.)

What does a summary listing look like?
The summary does not identify your company.

Dummy Listing

Who gets to see the full Information Memorandum and contact details?
Only registered MDS Members who signed the legal agreement that protects your confidentiality.

Is there a fee to list?
A platform fee of 1.5% of the sale price will be applied on successful completion of an acquisition. Please see the Terms & Conditions link under our form.

What if I want to edit my listing?
You can go back into the listing and change any details. It will still go through the same verification and authorisation process. This ensures your interests are protected.

What if I have two books to list?
You will need to register them separately, ie with two login accounts. Ensure you are logged out of the MDS Seller portal, then the registration form will show on this page.