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Taking the fear and pain away from compliance

As licensees and financial advisors compliance has become a central part of your business operations.  With increased Regulatory Authority on one hand and confusing rules and regulations to conform to on the other, it can be intimidating.

At My Dealer Services we aim to take that pain and confusion away.

We work with you to make compliance as simple and practical as possible, so that it becomes part of your standard operating procedure.

With over a decade’s experience and having helped over 350 businesses become self-licensed we know ASIC and are abreast of all their latest requirements.

To help you we offer three different service levels.


Keeps you up to date with compliance critical information and developments and provides technical support as you run your compliance obligations.

 Licensee Bulletin
Must read monthly newsletter keeping you abreast of industry developments alerting you to what you need to know to keep your licence compliant.

 Creation and administration of ongoing CPD plans (Kaplan On-Track)

 Full email & phone support for any compliance questions you have.



A full service to ensure your business meets its fundamental compliance obligations. It covers the Basics and in addition you get

 Quarterly check-in

A quarterly phone meeting to review how your compliance is going and address any concerns or issues you have.

 Annual Licensee Review

A comprehensive review of your license and its operations. You receive a comprehensive report highlighting any areas of concern and we work with you to remediate them.  

 Industry Observations

A bi-monthly newsletter in which you get our perspective on the changes in the industry and shared insights gleaned from conversations and interactions with other advice businesses around the country.

 Free access to the Member portal.



The total compliance service covering all the compliance support you need. In addition to the Comprehensive you get

 Annual Advisor review

A comprehensive review of your advisors and their work including a random review of their working files. Sometimes no matter how close you are to your people you miss things. We won’t.

You receive a comprehensive report highlighting any areas of concern and recommendations on how to fix them.

 Implemented Commission Payments
Effective payment system ensuring you get your money on time each month.

 Develop your own APL
We can get expert advice and help you develop your own APL in line with your own investment philosophy and service offering.

 Free access to the Member portal.


Ad hoc Services

As well as helping advisors get licensed My Dealer Services provides the following ad hoc services to non-member firms: Annual Reviews, Advisor Reviews, Variations to Licence and Annual Compliance Certificate.

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